Fall and Halloween

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  • ♥ Hugs and Kisses Candle ♥

    Hugs and Kisses Candle ♥Romances is in the air,♥ with our Hugs and Kisses scented pillar chunk top candle is crafted in shades of pink and red. This unique gem top, scented pillar candle is highly fragranced with sweet pea and a delicate, soft blend of florals, it's a delightful scent of romantic love. Each scented pillar candle is sprinkled with a little fairy dust giving it a unique sparkle.  Burn time 12 hours per inch. shown in Med.  3"x4
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  • Autumn Spice Pillar Candle

    Autumn Spice Handcrafted Pillar Candle Autumn Spice candle is created in a dark warm rusty red. All are sprinkled with a little fairy dust for that special sparkle. The fragrance is pumpkin with toasty spices. TIME FOR A SLICE OF PIE! Warm and cozy. Burn time, 12 hours per inch. hand poured pillar candles

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  • Broom Maker Witch Large Sculpture Handcrafted Decor

    Broom Maker Witch by Brian Kidwell  Come right here and listen about a little witch, this special little witch had quite a little niche for making brooms. So if you happen to have an itch to fly over a ditch and come check out this little witch. This is truly more than a fall, Halloween decorating pitch this is an extraordinary sculpture of a Halloween broom making witch. 

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  • Cranberry Spruce Soy Candle

    Cranberry Spruce Soy Candle is a great way to welcome fall or even your favorite wintertime holiday with the incredible fragrance of tart cranberries and woodsy spruce. The Cranberry Spruce Soy Candle also makes a great year-round fragrance.

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  • Handcrafted Candle Gingered Oak

    Handcrafted Candle Gingered Oak is created in a warm mossy green. All are sprinkled with a little fairy dust for that special sparkle. The fragrance is white ginger with a touch of oakmoss. SWEET AND EARTHY. A well balanced fragrance. Burn time, 12 hours per inch, shown in Med. 3"x4"

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