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Brian Kidwell "The Toy Maker"  


Krash Kringle Holiday Train
Santa's Jolly Jalopy
 Around The World Santa

The Holiday Hacker

Americana Santa

 Nick In A Box

North Pole Ski Patrol
Portrait of St. Nick
Visit From St. Nick

 Father Christmas
Gift Giver
Santa Sleigh Ride

We here at Eclectic Treasures are pleased to welcome you to Brian Kidwell's online collection currently the largest collection online you will find. Eclectic Treasures and Brian Kidwell also known as "The Toy Maker" have teamed together to offer some of his and our favorite pieces from his collection. Brian Kidwell's whimsical, collectible "toys" are completely hand-crafted in the USA. he restores antique toys and dolls, carves wood, shapes copper and shiny brass, collects furs and fabrics, and sculpts and sews, all that work goes into creating his unique creations. Brian learned his craft at his father's side. Brian Kidwell is mostly known for his holiday pieces such as his Santas but his creative touch does not stop there, there is the deep sea divers to his humorous Cook in an air balloon and let us not forget his Halloween pieces and yes there is more. Brian Kidwell's sculptures are large averaging in sizes from 2 to 6 foot tall. These whimsical found object sculptures are an exciting conversation piece that will add a designer look and feel to your holiday decor, or to add the special touch to your themed display. Brian Kidwell's remarkable art is found in galleries, restaurant, store displays and private collections worldwide. His pre-sensations have included a one man show at The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. So by all means take your time and enjoy the imaginative world of Brian Kidwell.


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